“I had a massage from Toni and it was amazing. I have a little experience with professional massages and I enjoyed my experience with Wellspring the most. I am mainly writing this review because of the headaches that have disappeared since my massage with her. For years I regularly go to the chiropractor to adjust my neck for my many headaches; since my massage with Toni, my problem area hasn’t given me any headaches. I knew I was in good hands when during my massage she stopped over my problem area and inquired about it, the exact place I have to get adjusted for my headaches. Even with tight finances, I want to budget so I can see Toni again. My life has been enhanced since visiting her!” —Catherine

“I had a wonderful experience with Toni. The massage was so relaxing and she made me feel really comfortable! I would highly recommend her!”  —Shelly

“I have been getting massages for well over 20 years and Toni with Wellspring is the BEST! When I moved away from her old location, I was heartbroken. I searched for a new massage therapist and met with nothing but disappointment. Other massage experiences left me feeling agitated, frustrated and no less tense, so much so that I gave up looking. Toni has such a calm and soothing presence, yet she is able to show those muscles who is boss with just the perfect blend of pressure and relaxation. I could not be more thrilled that she is relocating to the Twin Cities and I can’t wait to become a regular at the new Wellspring office!!” —Jill

“I suffered from chronic pain after a car accident. A friend suggested massage therapy. Toni at Wellspring Massage Therapy has helped me heal and I no longer suffer from chronic pain. With her continual therapy I feel like my old self again.” —Julie

“I have been seeing Toni repeatedly at Wellspring since her office opened in 2008. In my daily work, I drive excessively, type reports and need to concentrate a lot. Recently, I have taken up a resistance-weight routine at the end of the day. I am often exhausted and my whole body aches! After seeing Toni for massage, I feel so relaxed and I can feel the energy coming back into my body—especially at the spine. My tension and discomfort are relieved and I feel relaxed and balanced. Toni has a Christian soul and accents her great massage with authentic compassion for her clients.” —Libby

“After my car accident, I thought I would always have chronic pain in my neck and back. Since I started getting massages from Toni, I have improved greatly.” —Robert

“Toni has been my massage therapist for the last 2 years. Being a massage therapist myself, I see Toni for her excellent deep tissue body work. However, for the days I need a lighter touch, she goes above and beyond to make sure I still get the relief needed, while adjusting pressure and technique. I always leave feeling relaxed, healed, and happy.” —Ginny

“For almost six years, I have been a regular client of Toni’s. When out of town family and friends would visit, appointments would be made at Wellspring. Even after moving over 40 miles away a few years ago, I have traveled back to Toni for massages. Not only does she offer excellent technique, she ensures that you receive the therapy you and your body need. I would recommend Toni Thorson at Wellspring Massage Therapy to all.” —Jenny